Mindfulness based Psychotherapy

If you have specific issues you want to work on in the safety of a 1-1 setting, Mindfulness based Psychotherapy offers you another option. Most people can benefit from psychotherapy at some point in their lives. Mindfulness-based psychotherapy engages the transformative and powerful tool of mindfulness. Perhaps you want a space where you can reflect on your life or you might want to address a specific issue. These might include:


    1. stress, anxiety, depression
    2. relationship issues and conflicts
    3. issues relating to personal and spiritual growth
    4. Addiction
    5. Self esteem issues
    6. Anger management
    7. Difficulties in childhood
    8. Bereavement, loss and grief
    9. Separation, loneliness


Mindfulness-based psychotherapy allows you to see clearly what is happening in your heart and mind, creating the opportunity to create positive change in patterns of thought, emotion and behavior. In other forms of counselling, you might spend much time coming to terms with, and changing how you are in the world. Mindfulness brings in a different aspect where the focus is not on the story or on change so much but on exploring the present experience with an attitude of openness and curiosity. When we encounter difficult thought patterns, reactive emotions or activated body sensations, mindfulness can help us explore our reactions by staying present and observing. Mindful awareness creates the space where we can step off the train of our reactive cycles and break the hold of our defensive conditioning. In mindfulness based therapy we learn to take control of our attention and contact our own inner wisdom. By learning to practice every day we become more skilled at managing stress and experience more joy and freedom.

Clinical supervision is available for accredited psychotherapists as well as students in training and other health professionals.